UPCD-UPDAA Scientific Seminar

The University of the Philippines Dental Alumni Association would like to invite you to a scientific seminar featuring a world renowned lecturer, researcher and academician, Dr. Daniel Chan of the University of Washington on June 18, 1:00 to 5:30 PM at the UP college of Dentistry Auditorium, Pedro Gil cor. Taft Ave. Manila. Dr. Chan will give a presentation entitled “Predictable Anterior Esthetic Restorations and Updates on Curing Lights”.

Seminar Fee: PHP 500.00



Professor of Restorative Dentistry Associate Dean of Clinical Services University of Washington School of Dentistry 2009 University of the Philippines Outstanding Alumnus

June 18, 2009

1:00—5:30 PM

UP College of Dentistry Auditorium


Dental restorative materials have changed rapidly and the elective-care market has grown significantly in the past years.  Currently, there is an abundance of resin composite systems catering to esthetics.  Composite is now the most frequently utilized esthetic restorative material.  Porcelain is also very popular but the preparation for porcelain restoration is more aggressive.  By understanding the materials’ properties and selecting the appropriate restorative materials, the dentist can emulates the physical and optical characteristics of dentin and enamel.  Only then would one be able to achieve maximum esthetic results in anterior restorations.

With the improvement of new adhesive systems, it’s now possible to restore mal-positioned, discolored, badly shaped, or fractured teeth directly. Direct composite veneers also gained tremendous popularity over the past few years because the procedure can be done in one single appointment for a reasonable fee with acceptable results.  When done properly, direct composite veneers continue to be a viable treatment alternative for numerous patients.  Although direct bonding of composite resins has been used to improve teeth appearance, it requires time and artistry by the dentist to achieve the desired results.  Alternate treatment plans may included porcelain laminates or full porcelain coverage.

This presentation describes how to treatment plan and complete a smile analysis to control esthetic outcomes.  Case presentations will illustrate how to identify colors on a tooth and demonstrate the use of tints and opaque modifiers.  The cases include a simple and predictable 3-layering technique through the correct implementation of composite materials and freehand bonding techniques for the fabrication of a direct resin veneer restoration.  In addition, this presentation also describes a conservative technique of cosmetic re-contouring associated with direct composite bonding, as a way of closing diastemata and re-contouring peg-shaped teeth.  Various Porcelain systems and their optical properties will also be discussed.  Finally, a brief update of the latest generation of LED curing lights will round off the presentation.


1:00 PM           – Registration

2:00                 – Opening Ceremonies

– Welcome Remarks

Dean Elizabeth G. de Castro

– Opening Remarks

Dr. Olegario G. Clemente Jr.

UPDAA Pres, 2008-2010

2:30                 Lecture Proper

Introduction of the Lecturer:

Dr. Ma. Edna M. Jimena

Lecture: “Predictable Anterior Esthetic Restorations and Updates on Curing Lights”

Prof. Daniel C.N. Chan

3:30                 Break/ Snacks

3:45                 Continuation of Lecture

5:00                 Open Forum

5:30                 Awarding of Certificate of Appreciation

by Dean Elizabeth de Castro and Dr.  Olegario Clemente

Closing Remarks

Dr. Paul Achacoso

UPDAA Vice-President

Master of Ceremonies and Moderator

Dr. Armin G. Segarra


Dr. Olegario G. Clemente Jr.                          – President

Dr. Arnon L. Rivera                                         – President-Elect

Dr. Melanie Ruth K. Frange                            – Vice-Pres, Luzon

Dr. Marie Gertrude L. Tuscano                       – Vice-Pres, Visayas

Dr. Virgilio L. Malenab, Jr.                               – Vice-Pres, Mindanao

Dr. Michelle Marie Z. Meneses                        – Secretary

Dr. Giselle S. Yumul                                       – Treasurer

Dr. Bhabita V. Murjani                                     – Auditor

Dr. Joseph Raoul B. Buizon                           – PRO

Dean Elizabeth G. de Castro                          – Director

Dr. Christian Anthony M. Ermita                     – Director

Dr. Charleton N. Atienza                                 – Director

Dr. Tristan Nathaniel C. Ramos                     – Director

Dr. Paul D. Achacoso                                     – Director

Dr. Sophia C. Macalintal                                 – Director


Dr. Elizabeth G. de Castro                             – Dean

Dr. Tristan Nathaniel C. Ramos                     – College Secretary

Dr. Danilo L. Magtanong                                 – Chair, Clinical Sciences

Dr. Susan Y. Sotelo                                        – Chair, Basic Sciences

Dr. Jessica Rebueno Santos                         – Chair, Community Dentistry


Dr. Armin G. Segarra

Dr. Michelle Sunico Segarra

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